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Rediscover Value, Unlock the full potential of Music NFTs, Go from streaming to owning your Fandom on LiveBic

Livebic is an innovative music NFT platform that provides direct monetization and engagement opportunities for artists while enabling fans to support musicians and own rare digital content.
Own a block in the talent hall

Genius, isn’t just a word anymore!

On Livebic, your artistry lives on chain - immortalized, monetized, and owned.

Show the world your talents, engage your true fans, and unlock your music's full potential.


Let us do the hard work!

Artists can mint their songs, albums, artwork, and more into NFTs with flexible licensing options to unlock new revenue streams and connect with supporters


Some magic into your work.

Livebic offers a chance to gain insider access, support rising stars, and acquire digital music collectibles ranging from unpublished demos to limited merch

Available at your finger tip!

Sarah Johnson
CEO - Dans Records
"Livebic has completely changed the relationship I have with my fans. I can now engage directly and even collaborate musically with them!"
Star- OVerland
"Owning a piece of my favorite song through fractional NFTs is so cool. Livebic made the process seamless."
"Live has enabled completely new business models for my music career. The opportunities feel endless here."

Our community has spoken.

The unique value Livebic can provide to both artists and fans through content on the blockchain are enormous

Now, there is nothing holding you back

Start Creating your magic and let the universe know your name!

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